Google Maps: What does this mystery line spanning 13,000 miles represent?

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Google Maps was created in 2005 and has opened up the world to people ever since.

It can be used for simple directions or for seeing stunning landmarks thousands of miles away.

Sometimes, it spawns crazy conspiracy theories when images that can't be explained appear.

One such thing has been revealed on Google Earth with a 13,000-mile long line appearing across the globe.

This was not created by an airliner

Tyler Glocker

Stretching from the tip of Antarctica to the North Pole, many think it is a vapour trail from a plane.

However, in the video posted by conspiracy theorist Tyler Glocker on his Secureteam10 Youtube channel, this doesn’t quite add up.

Tyler explained in the video: “This was not created by an airliner.

“There are obviously hundreds of thousands of contrails by planes but we cannot see them. They are much too small, much too thin.

“So, whatever created this cloud formation, if that’s what it is, would have to be massive.”

He also takes into account the speed something would have had to have flown to make the length and size of the line.

Google Maps white line Antarctica

Youtube/SecureTeam10Google Maps: What does this 13,000-mile white line mean?

large red X being spotted in Antarctica.

Many think it is pointing to something in the snow with the arrow of the triangle hiding something.

Others think it is just a glitch on Google Earth with a missing entity.